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Penulis - A.B. Hashim

“The man, he talks in handsomely manners. But, he does not talk a lot. When he talks, his charm fills the room it wets your knickers. That’s how handsome he is. He’s a sweet talker. He mesmerized you. Ladies, do not try to understand him for he has a daft defense mechanism. Commitment is the last word in his vocabulary.

Women, do remember, guys please take notes, you do not try to understand him. The last one who tries to unlock him ended up in a madhouse. He thinks in maths, he lives his life on meths. Pleasure in life, he got it from his ‘trip’ sitting alone in the dark smoky living room of his. He does not understand life like other mortals. Mere mortals throw the word complicated at him; they think madhouse is his place to be. And in this madhouse, he’d finally be.”

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